World War III

Karla Riddell
4 min readNov 29, 2020

They said the third world war would not be fought with weapons, they were right.

They said it would be the war to end all wars… now that is up to us!

In the grips of control, with a mandatory injection of yet another biological warfare, we have choice. No man can mandate such things on this sovereign body. NO MORE.

No more will I give over this feminine body, made of sacred blood and flesh over to man. The elite own the world, they own our freedom… NO MORE.

We are all in it together. It is true, the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird. Yin and yang, men and women, elite and the people, black and white… we enter the time of the rainbow… of equality, of freedom… of colour. Gen Y were the rainbow kids that asked relentlessly WHY. They fought for equality in a time where most believed there was nothing wrong with the way the world was. Those dark stories hidden in the closet are out in the open now. The younger generations are now saying… NO MORE.

The war ends, when the fight stops. The fight stops, when we come together to listen on equal ground. We have not had equal ground. For centuries women have been made less, Indigenous have been made less, disabled made less, poor made less, different made less. My father says it so well: “I am the majority and you are the minority” and the space between, the unspoken words of: “you are less, you are wrong”. I guess that is just it, often the unspoken words are the ones that hurt the most.

They say, my sovereignty is bound in your sovereignty… and so, ultimate freedom is not possible until everyone is free. We are intricately woven into the same fabric of life.

When we cultivate this freedom within, we invite others into their freedom. If we walk together united, we overthrow the systems that divide us. From this, we can create systems that are generated from freedom, systems that don’t control, but support a flourishing, just, equal and regenerative world.

When we cultivate freedom within, our instinctual self steps forward. We know when our freedom and health is threatened, because our body responds strongly. It is not the mind that runs around trying to justify, it is the body that stands connected to it’s life force. Our innate self is a strong force of nature, it is our human nature and our human rite to be safe. So why is our nervous system constantly under threat telling us we are not?! … the system does not reflect nature and does not support our deep human needs.

The man made system has lacked the feminine voice. The system forgot about the necessity of nature and the necessity of women… it also forgot about our ancient roots, where we came from. We didn’t come from god, we came from our ancestors, we came from blood and flesh. And if we dared to really go into it… we came from the womb of our mother, who’s body brought our spirit into being. She was the portal of our soul into this human body. We have forgotten that. We have forgotten that raising children is the most important part of continuing on our species. We are animals with very complex brains that spend a lot of time thinking of the past and the future. So if we were to think further back, and further forward, what would we see?…

Raising healthy and sovereign children is the most important thing we could do, they are the future… we are the now. Right now, we can pave the road forward for them. We can be healthy, we can cultivate peace and freedom… and as an ancient one would say: “we can fix the government”. Fix, not burn down and dismantle… though my wild self often has that urge. Burning and dismantling is a war like mentality, so if we really want to end this war… we need to first end our internal war… that means healing. Hurt people hurt, healed people heal. Healing isn’t a quick fix, it is a life long process. This process of healing is amplified when we heal together, in community we raise each other up.

That will end the war… healing together. First we must see the truth, the brutality under human hand. The thoughtless killing, the manipulation and the creation of utopia that is built on bloodied stollen lands. See the truth, feel the truth, heal together.

No more us and them… just us, we, the people. It’s time to end the war.

A panarama in the Austrlain desert. There are two paths, which one do you choose?…



Karla Riddell

Karla is the founder and facilitator of the Young Shaman Foundation. She is dedicated to creating rites of passage to connect people to self, nature and tribe.